The UN-Habitat in Bahrain and the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture jointly hosted the "Green and Sustainable Cities in Bahrain" exhibition, a public space designed to raise awareness on the value of trees and public spaces to promote more sustainable and climate adapted urban systems, with better quality of life and wellbeing for all.

شجر حياتنا
Trees of our Lives
One-off workshop
Location: Sofoof Square, part of Muharraq's Pearling Path

My contribution was to design and facilitate the "Trees of our Lives" workshop, inviting participants to explore our current and childhood connections with specific trees in our homes and on the street. Participants were guided to re-member their experience with a tree through drawing, poetry, and imagination to recognize and showcase the role of trees in our lives.

Participants' work were then suspended from the tress and exhibited throughout the Muharraq Nights 2023.