My eyes' visual acuity is measured by Optometrists through its "diopter," a unit measuring the refractive error of light entering the eyeball. I have a myopia (or near-sightedness) of -9.5 / -10. This means my vision is very clear and astute at a very close range of around 5cm, and increasingly blurry with further distance.

I don't mind my world of blurred sight. It helps sooth my eyes and mind, giving me space to witness a bigger picture, away from the deluge of details - both literally and mentally. At the same time, regarding something really close to my eyes brings an attention and intimacy to the subject I am perceiving.

Sparked by a defective focus function on my phone camera, "Blur" Vision is a series of photos that shares my "true" vision of the world, without projecting a negative or positive outlook on it - rather it invites the viewer to observe the world as it is glimpsed by many people with myopia.

What do you notice in the blur? See for your self.